I just received my FI-QLCD-Kit4 (Quad Camera Kit)  last week and installed the unit in the combine this last weekend. The instructions were easy to follow and it worked as soon as everything was plugged in. I am very impressed with the picture quality and love how you can select cameras by touching the screen. 

Jim Howerds - Alberta


I would thank you a lot, the camera system I put on my grain cart it does wonders! I have one camera on the auger, tank and behind the cart. I just love the ability to be able to see what your doing!  

Basil D - Saskatchewan


I was looking for a way to see my tank levels when seeding! I found the answer. The cameras are great to see your tank levels. I can now seed with out having to worry about running out.

James S - Nevada


I wanted to try the Quad Monitor so I bought one unit last year to try it out. I can say is I am impressed, just love it.  So this year I picked up two more, for each combine.  It well worth the price, and its really handy being able to see in the tank, behind you and your augur dumping. 

Harry P - Manitoba



We put a camera on our JD Sprayer on the rear boom to see if the boom was clogging and to see behind the sprayer when transporting it down the road. 


Graham S - Alabama

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